Learn Worpress and create your website.

If you are on this page, you’re certainly looking for a way to create a website without to much hustle, and you have heard of WordPress as a solution to do just that.

The goal of i learn wp.com is to help you in your journey to create a wordpress website or blog, cause we are part of the wordpress community and we just think it’s one of the best solution today to create a website. Creating a WordPress website have some basic steps like find a host and create your first page, but if you need to customize your website and give it a personnal touch you will need to know the tools that wordpress offer to reach your final goal.

Choose your plan and embark on the course for a complete understanding of the most use website platform tobay.

What you’ll learn

You’ll be learn to find and install a complete version of WordPress, then you’ll make better acquaintance with the wordpress dashboard, but not in a academic way, we let you breathing room, to understand by your own, simples concepts and tools.
After a tour of the CMS, we immediately start by the must-known features like the menu and the widgets.