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Widgets how to use them in wordpress

Widgets are features offered by a template in WordPress, those features allow to display content in area other than the menu and the main content areas.

We can say that using widgets allow you to start customzing your website.

  1. where to find the widget ?
  2. start using efficiently widgets,
  3. I don’t find what i need as a widget.

Where to find widgets ?

Widgets page

Widgets can be find in the Appearance=>widgets tab of thr WordPress back office. You get a page with blocks those blocks are named widgets areas, on teh picture above we have 3 blocks available, their names indicate that they’re part of the footer of the website.

So this mean that there is actually 3 container that can be filled by widgets in the footer area.

To start adding widget just click on the ‘+’ button in the widget area you prefer.

pop up with widget

As you can see above, you get to choose the widget you want to add to the area, you can have more choice by clicking on ‘Browse all’.

Widget column list

Now you have all the widgets available on a list, for example you can choose the ‘Latest Posts’ widgets, after your choice you get the list of the last posts on your wordpress (see below).

‘Latest posts’ widget

You need to ‘update’ the page with the button on the top right corner to save your change. You can close the widget list by clicking on the cross above the list.

You’re all set ! Go to your website home page, you can see the list of posts is in the footer now.

homepage screenshot