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Using wordpress as a blog or a website

What will you create a blog or a website ? WordPress by default works on a blog setup, indeed you first page or homepage when you just install it is a page showing blog posts one after another.

This behavior can be changed to display pages and not posts.

This is one of the basics of wordpress, pages and posts are two separate thing in wordpress.

back office menu

When you start a new posts on your wordpress, this post will appear on the blog loop, and all posts are link together, indeed at the bottom of a post your will see links towards previous and next posts. This a blog behavior allowing your visitor to enjoy contents that follow a logic.

Pages on the other hand are not connected one to another, so usually they are use like any website page, a home page, a description or about page, a pricing page, you see the point.

menu and sub menu for pages

When you just install a fresh WordPress site, the homepage display the so call archive page of wordpress, this a page with all the posts in a loop. If you check your posts in your back office you will retrieve the same exact content. But usually you don’t want this page to be your home page.

Choose your homepage

To choose what content to display in your homepage go to the setting menu.

Setting – reading admin page

This is where ou choose what to display as a home page, by default, the boxe ‘Your lastest posts’ is checked, so you get the posts and the archive posts template. To choose a page instead and have a more website like behavior choose ‘A static page (select below)’ boxe, and use the dropdown list to select a page to display from all your page, evidently you can create a page before doing this. Voilà ! you have a real home page link the page you want.