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What is wordpress ? And where to get it ?

WordPress is a Content Management system, a big word to say that it is a program that manage contents. At first it’s what develop to create blogs, and it quickly become successful for websites also. There is many other CMS (Content Management system) out there Joomla, Prestashop, etc… A CMS allow one thing , is to start right a way creating contents and not spending much time on technical issues about how to set up a working website. In short a CMS gives you a ready to use website, that you can fill with contents.

With time WordPress is become the number one CMS, this is another reason to use it, what’s come with this status is that there is a big community around the CMS, this community help to maintain wordpress, but also provide new extensions called “plugins”.

For more info on WordPress, don’t forget Google is your friend.

Our goal on Ilearnwp is to give anyone the keys to enter the wordpress world, this can allow to create you own blog or website, sell product on it or find a job as a wordpress website builder.